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!! Important Notes !!

After a SharePoint Online update occured after the week of 05/18/2014, the app can failed randomly with a generic "Request failed" error. You must upgrade your app with the 1.6.* version. Please use the  Issue Tracker and Release note to have more information about bug and upgrade process errors.

Project Description
This project is an open and free App for SharePoint 2013. This tool helps site owners to add simple corporate news client app parts in SharePoint sites. With this app, you could have a dedicated app for a SharePoint site to manage news content directly in SharePoint lists or libraries, and you will be able to insert in pages 3 different client App parts to display these news with Javascript animations, like vertical or horizontal carousels.

You can download this App on Codeplex (manual install), or direct download and install the App from the Office & SharePoint App Store :

Supported languages: English, French, Spanish, Germain. 

The Corporate News App is an open source tool distributed under the GPL v2 license by Olivier Carpentier. This tool is based on the excellent JSliderKit jquery extension by Alan Frog.  Thanks also to Adrian Buffard from Plaza Design for CSS goodies.

Project ScreenShots

"Carousel News" App Part render sample:

"Horizontal News" App Part render sample:

"Micro News" App Part render sample:

Carrousel App Part Administration :

Carrousel Style Editor :

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